Welcome to my secure online gallery!

You can DOWNLOAD THE IMAGES directly from this site (making sure to download the LARGEST file and NOT just a web-quality one!)

*BY OPENING YOUR GALLERY, YOU AGREE not to alter the images or claim as your own. *Personal use only - 3rd party requires permission under international copyright.

Go to a PHOTOLAB (ex. Don's or McBains) and NOT a grocery store (ex. WalMart.)

*Also, in most cases, I have backed up these images in a larger format. If you are wanting to create a large canvas and require a bigger file let me know.

K :)

*If you require printing or album making assistance or if you prefer a CD please contact me.

(In case you are uncertain on how to download from this gallery, here are some options:
-roll over enlarged image and click the 'save photo' tab
-select the image and click the 'save photo' tab at the top
-once selected, right click to save (if you do this while just in view mode, only a web quality image will be saved - not large enough to print.)